Welcome to the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

MOMSR is dedicated to the preservation of the technology of sound recording and its impact on music, broadcasting, film/video and science.

In addition to the vintage technology, our Museum documents the significant individuals who invented, manufactured, engineered and produced audio creating the sounds in our lives!

Special notice: Our private collection, purchased over the past 20 years is currently undergoing downsizing. We are retaining many of the historically significant recorders. However, there is some duplication and many sound recorders that are represented by other machines. We will list the items currently for sale on our "Sale" page.

What is unique about our online sound recording museum?

Ampex 200A and Ampex 300 in the Theophilus collection

• Over 200 + vintage (most are working) reel to reel tape recorders displayed with supporting memorabilia

• 125 + vintage microphones and numerous mixers and recording accessories

• Vintage documentation from the 1900's to the present including manuals, ads, catalogs and magazines

• Sound recording devices that include most of the US and many international manufacturers

• Some of the first magnetic tape recorders from Ampex, Brush, Magnecord, Sony, Studer and Teac

• Historical summaries and personal stories from the major international sound recording companies


Recording devices

Ampes 200A and 300 in the MOMSR collection


Magnecord machine shop

Extensive vintage archive

1940s photo of John Boyers one of the founders of Magnecord

Ads, catalogs and docs

Cover of the 1965 Tape Recorder Annual



Lisa Fletcher giving tour of Arlyn Studios in Austin

The vintage collection

MOMST Teac A3340 and Model 2 mixer


We documented our collection and made the 7 hours of video available on line!

"The most comprehensive information about the open reel, or analog reel to reel tape recorder!" See below