Tape Recorders in a Starring Role

ANALOG RECORDERS IN A STARRING ROLE - click on pics to play brief clip

Over the years since our collection began, we've received requests for tape recorders (including our Teac 80-8) and microphones that would be used for stage productions, photo shoots and movies. As a result we began offering to provide rentals. It quickly became apparent that things were not going to be returned in the same condition when rented. While folks would pay for the damage, it caused us to need to find another replacement for the collection. Often, it was more expensive, or not as good. So we stopped the rental service and have offered consultation on items for a particular movie or situation. These have been interesting and fun experiences. So I decided to create this page of reel tape recorders in a starring role.

I always welcome recommendations of movies folks come across with a tape recorder appearance. Thanks! Martin


09/2020 - Provided prop assistance for a 2021 AppleTV movie being produced by Ben Stiller. "Martin! This information is incredibly helpful. I knew I had found the right guy. I bought the Roberts and Ampex remotes off of eBay.  I hope we can get them into the show.  Our show is going to be called Severance and it will be on AppleTV in late 2021. Ben Stiller is the director and the scripts are great.   Thank you so much. I'll probably be in touch as more questions come up. I can't wait to watch the movie clips on your website. Have a great weekend. -Travis"

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 view Brush 401

Phantom was contacted by Montgomery Pollack in May 2003 asking if we could provide a recorder for the movie - "We are working on a new film to be directed by Martin Scorcese, starring Leonardo DeCaprio. It is called "The Aviator" It is about Howard Hughes love of flight. There is a scene that has Hughes using a reel to reel tape recorder in 1947. The director has requested a Rangertone or a Magnecord, Magnetophon or a Ampex 200A. I need to purchase this items. Do you have or know of anybody who might have such an item. It needs to work and be in very good condition. I can be flexible in my timeline. I can use any reel to reel recorder from 1947-1950. If I cannot find such a beast we will just use a Webster wire recorder. Any information would be extremely helpful." We came up with a Magnecord M30 & M33 and a PT6-AH. However they found the Brush which met their time period perfectly.

On January 5, 2020 the Ampex AG-440 reel to reel tape recorder from our collection arrived at Atlanta's Screen Gems Studio 6 to appear in Jennifer Hudson's movie, "RESPECT," about Aretha Franklin. It's scheduled to be released in October 2020. Hope it passes its screen test!

MOMSR Ampex AG-440   MOMSR Ampex AG-440  MOMSR Ampex AG-440


MGM has moved the release date of Jennifer Hudson’s Aretha Franklin biopic “Respect” from Oct. 9 to late in the awards seasons with a limited Christmas Day debut.

“Respect,” titled after Franklin’s 1967 hit, will expand Jan. 8 and go into wide release Jan. 15 at the start of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Hudson, who won a supporting actress Oscar for “Dreamgirls,” was personally selected for the role by Franklin before Franklin died in 2018 at the age of 76.

Franklin won 17 Grammys, starting with “Respect” in 1968 and “Chain of Fools” in 1969. The film, directed by Liesl Tommy, also stars Forest Whitaker as C.L. Franklin, Marlon Wayans as Ted White, Mary J. Blige as Dinah Washington and Tituss Burgess as Rev. Dr. James Cleveland. The news was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.

Tony Danza logo

Phantom supplied a Calrad 500C to the Tony Danza Show
"The mic is going to be a prop for The Tony Danza Show
Jesse Green The Tony Danza Show"

Calrad mic supplied to the Tony Danza ShowCalrad mic supplied to the Tony Danza Show



Phantom provided a Shure 55 mic for Darren Carrol's photo shoot for Golf Magazine 

      Phantom's Shure 55 for Golf Magazine  Darren Carrol's photo for Golf Magazine

Our collection of R2R movie clips

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Ampex 600, 350, 400



RS-1500 series

Go to Wollensak 3m movie clip

Wollensak 1500


Ampex  ATR-104


Roberts 990

Go to Concertone movie clip

Concertone 800


Teac 8

Teac A-3340



Ampex 350

picture of 1964 Concertone 800 Tape recorder ad with Doris Day & Rock Hudson

Concertone 800

Webster Chicago180-1


ReVox B77

Battery Portable




recorder In Starring Role The Vast of Night

Ampex, Magnecord, Roberts & Westinghouse

R2R Starring Role The FAmily


R2R Starring Role 40 Pounds of Trouble




Cylinder Player

Mov 1    Mov 2


Ampex, Roberts, Sony Teac






Teac A-3340




RCA Record Player


Unknown 1955


Uher 4000 1965


Tascam Series 70


Viking 88


Nagra & Unknown


Ampex 350



Black face Pioneer 701 or 707, also Crown? 
& Logging recorders



Ampex 350


ReVox B77


Technics RS-1500 Cameo role


Logging Rec?


ReVox B77

(multiple parts)

& ? (at end)


picture of RT-707 starring role

Pioneer RT-707



Otari MX5050 (minor role)



Akai GX-747



Pioneer RT-1020L




Reels Ampex Hubs




Vortexion WVB recorders 
British Studio


Teac 3340
Otari MX5050  BQ II


Lip sync


Ampex 500 (or PR-10)

& Skully 280




ReVox  A-77


Teac 3440


Teac hubs


British reel at Kent Radio




ReVox A700

Magnecord 1024


Unknown Wollensak?


Down Three Dark Streets   pic



Teac & Akai




Akai GX-1730DSS 4 channel "Quad" deck


ReVox B77


Uher & Magnecord


Part 1  Part 2

Fostex G16

3M - 8 track, EMI
& Ferrograph










Ampex, Uher, Nagra








Edison Voice Writer




Revere?, Nagra & Webster Wire








Pioneer RT707





Cylinder recorder


1956 ?



various 1950's



Fostex  E-16




Revere? Roberts & Wollensak


Technics RS-1500


Ampex, Roberts +


Ampex AX-50


Ampex AG500





Ampex  • Roberts 770



Great console no reels


Teac/Ampex/Sony MCI


Early Teac 3340


Roberts 90 (192?)


Teac X-2000R




Teac 80-8


Otari MX5050 BQII


Otari +


Ampex + others


Nagra III


Unknown MultiTrack & Nagra?




Roberts 997?


Ampex 351 +


Pioneer RT-1020L








Tascam 32?


Magnecord PT-6


Pioneer RT-707, RT-909, Uher 4400



Brush BK-403 portable ad


Ampex AG 440s


ReVox E36 • RCA 77B


Nagra 4.2


Teac A-2340

Akai GX-365D


Wollensak 1500

Technics RS-1500

Roberts Duet 190

The Infiltrator

ReVox & Nagra

Reel 2 Reel star The Angel

Roberts Clip #2

Rob the Mob
Sony TC-540

Teac A-3340 The Good PLace

Teac A-3340

Ted Danson - The Good Place


R2R Star BohemianRhapsody

3M Revox MCI




Pioneer RT-707 Wag The Dog

Pioneer RT-707

R2R in Starring role The Royal Tenenbaums

Roberts 770X or Akai A8

& generic battery portable

picture of R2D2 Replica (complete with sounds.  Teac 80-8 was used to record te sounds of R2Dr and 3CPOin the Star Wars movie  picture of R2D2 Replica (complete with sounds.  Teac 80-8 was used to record te sounds of R2Dr and 3CPOin the Star Wars movie

R2D2 Replica (complete with sounds). Teac 80-8 was used to record the sounds of R2D2 and 3CPO in the Star Wars movie

Hi Martin,
Here are the pictures attached. You can add these to the museum if you like. these are captured from a high def source. In the show the machine sits in a very old remote truck in what looks like for a radio or TV station with call letters KVWV. This appears to be a fake call sign. I could not find anything in Google to match any known stations west of the Mississippi. Inside in the background you can see an Altec amp, the same type used in film projection booths at this time period. I get the felling this machine was used in film sound production. It has locking reel spindles like you would find on a 16mm film projector. the locks are in the open position.
Thanks, John Kuhn