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MOMSR interview with David Hough ACL audio Director

MOMSR interview with David Hough, Audio Director for Austin City Limits  Austin City Limits Audio Director David Hough  Austin City Limits Entrance

David Hough shared stories about his beginnings in sound recording which led to his becoming the Audio Director for Austin City Limits since its pilot sessions in 1974.  The interview by Chris & Martin Theophilus for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording was conducted in the ACL studios.

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Lisa and Freddy Fletcher - Austin's Arlyn Studios

Freddy Fletcher MOMSR Arlyn Studio interview  Freddy Fletcher at ACL Live

Lisa and Freddy Fletcher with Austin's Arlyn Studios were interviewed by MOMSR's Directors Chris and Martin Theophilus (Phantom Productions, Inc.). The interviews include Lisa and Freddy's histories and the history of the building Arlyn occupies.

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Lisa Fletcher providing Arlyn Studio tour  Freddy Fletcher with Uncle Willie Nelson

Lisa Fletcher was interview by Chris and Martin Theophilus (Phantom Productions, Inc.) for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. Lisa was providing a tour to some Arlyn visitors prior to the interview, so parts of her interview for the Arlyn Studio video were incorporated with the tour. Our Museum greatly appreciates Lisa and Freddy sharing the Arlyn Studios story with our Museum. 

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Interview with Robert Metzner (founder of Roberts Recorders) and his wife and son in Beverly Hills

MOMSR interview with Robert G. Metzner   Metzner's Califone factory

On December 11, 2012, Chris & Martin Theophilus (Phantom Productions, Inc.), Directors for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording, interviewed 95 year old Robert G. Metzner in his home in Beverly Hills, California. His son, Dr. Richard Metzner facilitated the interview and Robert Metzner's wife of 72 years, Esther Metzner joined in the interview and hosted lunch.  In the over 2 hour interview we heard about the founding of Roberts Recorders, Califone (a major A/V equipment manufacturer still in business to this day) and the numerous patents Mr. Metzner created. We have segments of the interview available on this web site.

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We are saddened to learn about the passing of Robert G. Metzner on December 21, 2014.

View his Son Richard's page about his Dad

MOMSR's Stories section on Roberts Recorders

Ray Benson - Asleep At the Wheel

Ray Benson MOMSR interview  Ray Benson on Letterman

Ray Benson was interviewed in Bismeaux Studio B by Chris and Martin Theophilus (Phantom Productions, Inc.) for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. Ray shared stories about his early music and recording history, as well as, the evolution of Asleep At The Wheel. An amazing journey that's still on the road today! We sincerely appreciate Ray sharing his story with our Museum. We include a couple of relevant clips from Floyd Domino's interview as well. Ray has an incredible history in so many areas. The interview includes information about his Bismeaux Studios and the equipment that he used over the years.

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Floyd Domino - Grammy winning piano player

Floyd Domino interview  Floyd Domino awards

While Floyd Domino is widely recognized for his years with Asleep at the Wheel and the revival of Western Swing, Floyd began his career with a broad grounding in jazz, boogie woogie, swing and blues piano. Floyd's sparkling keyboards and versatility make him the choice of swing, jazz and blues musicians well beyond his Austin, Texas home.

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Rupert Neve dedicating the Neve 5088 console at Blue Rock Studios

Rupert Neve being interviewed by Billy Crockett during the dedication of the Neve 5088 console in the Blue Rock Studio  Rupert Neve signing the Neve 5088 console in the Blue Rock Studio

Rupert Neve being interviewed by Billy Crockett during the dedication of the new Neve 5088 console in the Blue Rock Studio.  We were in a lucky position to shoot this video for MOMSR.  It is made available thanks to Billy, Rupert and Neve's representative Josh.  From left Blue Rock Chief Engineer Charlie Kransky, Blue Rock co-owner Billy Crockett, Rupert Neve and Rupert's wife Evelyn. 

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Malcolm Harper owner of Reelsound Recording

Malcolm Harper, Reelsound recording interview  Reelsound Recording ad

Malcolm Harper owner of Reelsound Recording was interviewed by Chris and Martin Theophilus, Phantom Productions, Inc. for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording.  In addition to Malcolm's great stories about his company, video inserts from one of his Austin on-location jobs shows some of the work involved in completing on-location sound recording productions. 

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Ed Helvey "the Professional Nomad"

The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording interviewed Ed Helvey "theProfessional Nomad" to recognize recording engineers/producers, who work behind the scenes, in live performance and recording.

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Ed Helvey Invterview   1967 Ed Helvey story

Rick McRae - George Strait's Guitarist

Martin interviewing George Straits guitarist Rick McRae  Rick McRae and George Strait

The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording interviewed Rick McRae to recognize musicians who work, often behind the scenes, in performance and recording.  

Chris and Martin Theophilus (Phantom Productions, Inc.) interviewed Rick McRae, George Strait's guitar player for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. Please view the video below

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Joel Block - The Block House Studios

    Joel B;ock in his early studio  Joel Block MOMSR interview

Chris and Martin Theophilus (Phantom Productions, Inc.) interviewed Joel Block at The Block House Studios for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. 

Joel's experience adds another dimension to the Museum's capturing of magnetic audio recording. His experience comes from radio and in the area of commercials, audio books, industrials, jingles and spoken word projects. We believe you will find the information about Joel's dad, Martin Block, to be fascinating as well. We hope you enjoy this MOMSR interview with Joel Block.

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Jerry and Nick, Terra Nova Studios interview

Tera Nove MOMSR Interview  Terra Nova Studio B

Austin, Texas' Terra Nova Mastering Studios, Jerry Tubb, CEO and Nick Landis, Senior Mastering Engineer were interviewed by Chris & Martin Theophilus of Phantom Productions, Inc. for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. Jerry and his wife Diane established one of the first digital mastering studios in Austin in 1990. They have mastered projects for clients including: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Ray Benson, and many more.

Jerry and Nick share how they ended up in audio recording and what's involved in mastering services.

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Phil Van Praag is the author of the "The Evolution of the Audio Recorder"

Phil Van Praag is the author the book "The Evolution of the Audio Recorder.  Phil Van Praag book cover "The Evolution of the Audio Recorder.

Phil Van Praag is the author of the wonderful documentation of magnetic tape recorders in his book "The Evolution of the Audio Recorder." Having worked for Ampex as a Senior Instructor in Redwood City, California and as the information technology for another company, Phil has extensive knowledge of the development of both audio and video technology.  Phil published a book about the beginnings of sound recording and presents an excellent description of recorders that were significant from the late '40's through the '70's. The interview was produced by Chris & Martin Theophilus for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording.

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Tom Vernon MOMSR interview for Telos eNews

Tom Vernon MOMSR interview for Telos eNews  Tom Vernon's Telos eNews blog

Tom Vernon recently toured our Museum as part of a story he's writing on vintage equipment.  He agreed to sit down for an interview.  

More about Tom from the Telos web site: Tom Vernon's interest in electronics began in high school, when he joined an Explorer Post at a crystal plant in Carlisle, PA. He has worked in broadcasting for over 30 years, and is perhaps best known for his many articles in Radio World. Starting in 1983, Tom has written product reviews, features, how-to, and countless NAB articles. He was employed for a few years in the manufacturing end of the business, working as a wiring technician and customer service representative at Audio Accessories in Keene NH. Over the years he has performed engineering duties at a number of stations, including WNEV-TV, WBUR and Kiss-108 in Boston, as well as WXPN in Philadelphia. His hobbies include gardening, collecting vintage broadcast gear and vintage vinyl (over 3,000 albums and counting!), cardstock modeling and restoring his 19th-centurty house. Most recently, Tom has been taking flying lessons in a Piper Cherokee, and expects to soon have his private pilots license. 

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MOMSR Interview with Paul Stubblebine - The Tape Project

Paul Stubblebine The Tape Project MOMSR interview

On October 31, 2014 Paul Stubblebine and his wife Connie with a couple of friends toured our vintage recording collection. Paul sat down for an interview about his history for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. Paul is the owner of Paul Stubblebine Mastering and the founder of "The Tape Project." 

Paul began his mastering career in San Francisco in 1973. For eleven years he worked at a recording and mastering facility on Folsom Street which, originally owned by CBS, was later bought by David Rubinson and became known as The Automatt. During the CBS period, in addition to the CBS catalog, the studio also brought in outside work from the Record Plant and Wally Heider's including records by The Grateful Dead, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Sly Stone, Santana, Joan Baez, Bill Evans, Tony Bennett and Jane Fonda's phenomenally successful workout record engineered by Leslie Ann Jones.  This is also where the mastering was done for the US releases of Rough Trade and Factory Records including Joy Division, and New Order. During this period, records mastered at the Automatt were on the charts continuously. Paul then went on to become chief engineer at Rocket Lab, also in San Francisco, where he worked until starting his own company, Paul Stubblebine Mastering, in 1997.

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MOMSR phone interview with Eugene Leon Mleczko ELM Laboratories
1946 photo of Eugene Leon Mleczko ELM Laboratories, attending the University of Texas  Martin on phone with Eugene Leon Mleczko ELM Laboratories   Eugene Leon Mleczko ELM Laboratories electronics  Eugene Leon Mleczko ELM Laboratories electronics

Eugene Leon Mleczko ELM Laboratories - "This unit is a one of a kind, it is more than a "home brew" but the company never went in to full production. The founder of ELM Laboratories is a personal friend of my, I believe he is 94 years old. This was a pride and joy of thousands of hours of work and research. He was in the broadcast industry but was not happy with any units available at the time, so he set-out to build a unit that would out perform Ampex Corp. which he claims his has better specs. He has a some run of all custom made parts as spares and/or first run of units. The founder would love to tell you about it, he has an incredible memory, much better than mine." - David Wulf, Best Sound Co. Saint Louis, MO

We referred by David Wulf to a 94 year old engineer Eugene Leon Mleczko in Ballwin, MO. Eugene agreed to a phone interview about his life. In the early 1950's he built a reel tape recorder based on the German Magnetophon. It took him 2 years to build and the machine's specs exceeded those of the first Ampex. He intended to sell them for $2,000. However by the time the prototype was ready Ampex had already cornered the market. He also had gone to work for the US defense industry working on telemetry recorders dealing with rocket fuels.

An interesting aside is that he worked some projects with Ampex's founder Alexander M. Poniatoff. He never told Alex about his recorder. However, he did design an automated irrigation system for Alex's farm.

While in the US Navy, Eugene attended the University of Texas in Austin, Texas and participated in the UT Curtain Club. (photo on the left) 

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Jim Cartwright's live jazz performance recording to cylinder

    Jim Cartwright performance room   Jim Cartwright   Jim Cartwright acoustic jazz performance and cylinder recording

Jim Cartwright held his annual party celebrating Thomas Edison's birthday (168th) by recording a group of Austin musicians on a cylinder recorder

Videotaped for MOMSR by PPI

Jim has an extensive acoustic collection in his Austin, Texas home.

Jim Cartwright acoustical collection  Jim Cartwright acoustical collection 

 Jim Cartwright acoustical collection  Jim Cartwright acoustical collection

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