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Includes Argonne, Fentone, Radio Shack & other similar microphones

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Promo show cable


Texas Department of Transportation



Phantom supplied a Calrad 500C to the Tony Danza Show


Audio Engineering Society Section Pages


BHD Audio

Blue House Design


VideographyCalrad pic


Phantom began re-selling Calrad mics in 2004.  So far we've sold over 75 to clients including: The Manhatten Theater Club; Las Vegas theater production company (3 matching Argonnes); the Tony Danza Show for Ereka Vetrini; a French radio station; Mexico recording studios; and to Hungary, Brazil, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Australia, Poland, Spain and Canada.

Here's great Calrad 500C conversion by Jim Wood






CalradMicrophone ad


Kim Komando web site

1962 ad for the Roberts 192 Broadcast reel tape recorder in's vintage recording collection.  Interesting placement of the Calrad 500C $5.95 microphone since they were presenting the Roberts 192 as a professional braodcast recorder.

This ad is interesting as Roberts was promoting their 192 as a professional broadcast reel tape recorder, yet they choose to place a $5.95 (in 1962) Calrad 500C microphone in the ad.  Of course these days those mics go for $200 +

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Calrad VM-12 Velocity

Calrad VM-12 Velocity  Calrad VM-12 Velocity 






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