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Lou Ottens, Inventor Of The Cassette TapeLou Ottens Cassette Inventor

Lou Ottens died Saturday, March 6, 2021 according to the Dutch news outlet NRC Handelsblad, which lists his age as 94. NPR  more

Lou Ottens, who put music lovers around the world on a path toward playlists and mixtapes by leading the invention of the first cassette tape, has died at age 94, according to media reports in the Netherlands. Ottens was a talented and influential engineer at Philips, where he also helped develop consumer compact discs.

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Rupert Neve being interviewed by Billy Crockett during the dedication of the new Neve 5088 console in the Blue Rock Studio

Wimberley, Texas, February 13, 2021 — Rupert Neve, an innovator and business owner whose analog audio equipment designs have become an essential component in music recording, live sound production and home hi-fi systems, died on February 12, 2021 in Wimberley, Texas, due to non-Covid pneumonia and heart failure. He was 94. More

Roberts 400X reel tape recorder in the MOMSR vintage recording collection  MOMSR Concertone 800 reel to reel tape recorder being exercised on June 13, 2020  MOMSR Ampex 2000 reel to reel tape recorder being exercised on June 13, 2020  MOMSR Ampex AG500 reel to reel tape recorder being exercised on June 13, 2020

MOMSR reel tape recorder maintenance exercise June 13, 2020 • Phantom Studio pan during MOMSR SBE interview prep

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