We greatly appreciate all the folks who have donated items to our collection, provided photos and sent wonderful information related to sound recording for us to include on this site.  Thank you!

Non-profit entity dissolved: In December 2017, after five years of working to create a permanent public non-profit museum, the Board decided we'd had given it our best effort and the non-profit was dissolved. Some of the significantly valuable vintage devices that had been donated to the Museum were purchased by the Theophilus permanent collection owners. Other donated items were sold to interested parties and the remaining funds donated to the non-profit "Swan Songs." The non-profit museum ceased to exist on December 31, 2017. We are no longer pursuing funding for a permanent facility.

We greatly appreciate all the persons who donated information and items to the non-profit museum and who have continued to support the private collection! Thank you! Chris and Martin Theophilus

Some statistics:

• Number of collected items owned by the Theophilus' beginning in 1964 that are still in the collection - 134

• Number of items bought by the Theophilus' for the Reel2ReelTexas collection beginning in 1999 and continuing to date - !,489

• Number of items donated to Reel2ReelTexas (not the non-profit) - 8

• Number of items donated from 2012 to 2017, to the non-profit Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording in which the donor was provided an IRS deduction certificate -  31

• Number of MOMSR donated items sold prior to the dissolution to meet MOMSR financial obligations - 8 @ fmv $1,184.07

• Number of MOMSR donated items that the Theophilus/Reel2ReelTexas collection purchased to meet MOMSR financial obligations and preserve for the future - 16 @ fmv $1,285

• Number of remaining items donated to Goodwill - 7 • The final funds were provided to the non-profit "Swan Songs" as required by IRS

News coverage #1  News coverage #2  • • mobile video • more info

The Vintage DVD set is not currently available. The entire 7 hour production is downloadable for $9.95 at this link.

view trailer of the 7 hour collection



CREDITS - MOMSR 10/1/2012 to 12/31/2017 (non- profit dissolved 12/31/17) NOTE: some donors have been added that donated to the collection after MOMSR was dissolved.

A very special thanks to my wife Chris Theophilus who initiated this collection with the gift of the Edison cylinder player. Chris has helped carry many heavy tape recorders to our second floor studio and collection display.  She's also put up with endless hours about tape recording.

Of course Chris does have her horse stable.

To my parents who always supported my pursuit of recording and allowed me to build a recording studio into their home.

Also, thanks to everyone who provided content or perspective to this production!

And to our Board of Directors who worked from 2012 to 2017 to make the permanent public facility a reality! Unfortunately support for the project was not forthcoming.

Martin Theophilus, Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording


Founding Donors of the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

The Metzner Family - Esther Metzner, Robert Metzner & Richard Metzner • Richard Metzner's comments • Beverly Hills, CA

Space Rehearsal & Recording Studios • Austin, Texas 

Jon Neiss - Texas Music Magazine, Big Bend Records, Austin Signal 

Dr. Eric J. Porter, MD. - collector and enthusiast of reel to reel tape recorders as well as other tape recording equipment • Lima, Ohio

Jim Swift - Austin, Texas radio and television personality

Ed Helvey- Audio Producer & Audio Systems Designer and Integrator

Financial Donations to the 2012 - 2017 non-profit Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

Neil Armitage

Lance Backhouse

Joel Block - The Block House studios

Country Line Magazine Sandra & T.J. Greaney

Lloyd Cates - architecture design

Mark Cearley

Richard Diehl

Eric Desrochers

Janice Edmond

Susan Floyd - Texarchivist

Jim Gro

Ed Helvey

Jamie Hilboldt

Jonathan Horne

Susanne Huber

Richard Hubert - Joel Tall

Lance Backhouse - Australia

Mary & Mike Murray

Larry Ober

Sharon & Anthony Perez

David Perkoff

Phantom Productions, Inc.

Randolph Petren

Dan Rankin

Elton Robertson

Stephen Schmidt

William "Bill"Schoenborn

Ron Sutherland UK

Steve Tanamachi

Chris & Martin Theophilus

Richard Paul Thomas

Bruce Truitt

Christian Vandecasteele, Italy

Conny Viljehammar, Sweden

Mary & Neil Vince

Liz & Bennie Wallace

Pat Washburn

Richard Yale

Andrew Zaretsky


Contributors  Note: The private Theophilus / collection was begun in 1999 and 98% of the collection was purchased since 1999 using personal funds.

contributors to the private Theophilus collection are denoted by the "R2R" and the Museum by "MOMSR"

3M recorder history - Dale Manquen at MANCO R2R

Accurate Sound Company, Ron Newdoll - Ampex information R2R

AEG FT4 one of the earliest reel to reel magnetic tape recorders from late 1930's - photos donated by Liudvikas Ragauskis of Lithuania

AES Robert de Godzinsky Helsinki AES - European recorder resource - MOMSR

Akai / Roberts Information, Richard Diehl R2R

Akai reel to reel tape recorder, Akai documentation for reel to reel tape recorders and accessories donated to the Museum by Jayne & James Allen in memory of Jim and Dee Allen Holly Lake Ranch, TX

Akai photos - Akai 33D & 220R photos by Dave Hutton from his collection, as seen on Steven L. Bender’s Akai Web site R2R

Akai Stereo Terecorder manual donated by John Lamberty

Christine Albert, Chair of the Board of Trustees; National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences information & referrals R2R &" MOMSR"

Altec 639B (1940's) microphone with Voice of America flag photos provided by Ron Hummel, Radio Producer and Vintage Microphone Collector

American Telegraphone Company information - William "Bill"Schoenborn

Ampex 010 Recorder/Reproducer photos provided by Thory Monsen

Ampex ATR-124 photos and video with permission from Blake Olmstead, Dollhouse Productions

Ampex AX-300 brochure donated by Donald R. Resor Jr.

Ampex professional reel to reel tape recorder donated by Bert Tenkate

Ampex 200A relay unit photos courtesy of Michael Nezis, Athens Greece

Ampex 200A brochure - the recordist

Ampex 300 with 402/403 electronics information Uriel Tsachor R2R

Ampex 400 built for the military photos provided to MOMSR by Ed Wilmart , The Obsolete Sound, Lowell, IN

Ampex 600 photo on the USS Growler, the first nuclear-armed sub (1958)  in crew cabin "Ships Entertainment System" - Dan Blumenthal

Ampex 600 photos - smooth gray finish - Jon Gaines

Ampex Reel Tape Recorder with cover and 2 new Ampex 456 7" reels of tape - Richard Schaaf

Ampex - AG 20 - Jim Walsh information R2R

Ampex & Bing Crosby Enterprises - Robert Phillips - information  R2R

Ampex Video Flxible Eyebrow Starliner 1958 video demo bus - photos provided by Larry Blomberg

Ampex manuals and ads R2R

Ampex details & Ampex repair information, Wayne Gunn  R2R

Ampex donations, John King - Communications Director, City of Dallas R2R

Ampex History - Tapesonic - Kenneth A deGruchy Jr R2R, Fox TV,  WNYW TV, NY, Ch 5, DT44
Friend of Les Paul who helped repair and restore the octopus (Ampex 8 track)

Ampex repair information, George Schowerer R2R

Ampex Archives - Stanford University, Henry Lockwood, Curator for the Ampex Collection Stanford - information - MOMSR

Ampex parts - Art Shifrin

Ampex S.A. Nivelles, Belgium Assembly Plant photos shared by Miriam Himelfarb

Ampex, Stephens, 3M, Nicholas Douhovnikoff, Engineer, California  information R2R

Ampex UK, Tony Arnold -historical information - MOMSR

Anthony Stevens - Motion Picture Magnetic recording documentation manuals - MTE (Magnatech), Westrex, and RCA Film Recorders

Michael Arbuthnot  (17 years with Ampex) - donated Ampex product scans to MOMSR

Audio Engineering Society  information R2R & MOMSR listing in education and museum resources

Audio Village Equipment Brokerage  R2R

Austin City Limits - David Hough, Audio Director R2R & MOMSR interview

Austin Monthly magazine - Austin Music Museum - Lynne Margolis  MOMSR

Peter Balint - recording history from Edison to Ferrograph, ReVox, Uher and Teac

Bastrop Advertiser - Johnny Adams, writer - news story January 2005 - R2R

BBC - Roger Wilmut, BBC, EMI content photos information - MOMSR

Bell tape recorder donated to our collection by Chuck Heger R2R

Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel - Interview at Bismeaux Studios

Berlant Concertone L-69 Losser Pad was donated to our Museum by Jonathan Horne  R2R 

Berlant/Concertone/Teac History, Jerry Norton  R2R

Berlant/Concertone 93 photos Charles Moore R2R

Billboard - information R2R & MOMSR

Joel Block - The Block House studios - donation and interview about his audio recording history

Blue Rock Studio - Dodee & Billy Crockett - Rupert Neve interview at Neve 5088 console dedication MOMSR

Bob Bullock State History Museum - Margaret Koch, Deputy Director & Exhibits Director -  information & consultation MOMSR

Bruinell MK 5 reel to reel tape recorder manuals - Brian Parker - UK

Brenell tape recorder,  information R2R

Brent van Vuuren - Animation of ReVox A77 on YouTube

Broadcast engineering Magazine - Brad Dick, Editor - Blog summary regarding MOMSR

Bruel Kjaer 7001 photos - Stephen J King Fl

Brush BK 313 VRW-1 wire reel to reel recorder - U.S. Navy - photos provided by Brett Goggin Minot, ME

Brush BK 313 VRW-4wire reel to reel recorder - U.S Navy - photos provided by Judy Dalton

Brush BK 401 story - Robert Moehle

Brush tape recorder- Marilyn Weston MOMSR  R2R

Brush BL-301 vibration transducer - donated by Dave Meyers

Brush Development Company photos of A.P.Dank contributed by his Grandson Michael Dank

Brush Phonograph photos, Rich Flacks-Long Island, NY   R2R

Capitol Records - Paula Salvatore, Senior Director - Ampex 200A -R2R

Center for Texas Music History - Gary Hartman - information and consultation - MOMSR

Cetec Gauss information - Gregory Battaglia

Phillip Chance, Phillip Chance MD, MA, Emeritus Profesor - Viking 96 - photos
      University of Washington, School of Medicine, Elite Sound Service
      Technical Director/Member, Seattle Wind Symphony, Seattle WA  US

Columbia Records vintage custom Recording console photos - William Neshov R2R

Concertone 507-2 two track reel tape recorder with 2 Concertone amplifiers in their original boxes donated by Conrad Gates  R2R

Arthur J. Cox - extensive information about Oberlin Smith who is credited with the first theories on magnetic recording. web site  more

Country Line Magazine Sandra & T.J. Greaney - contribution and article MOMSR

Crown 824 reel tape recorder donated by Dr. Charles Davis R2R

Crown CX-844 professional reel to reel tape recorder photos provided by Peter Frei

1966 Crowncorder audio ad clip donated by The Atchison Growneys

Ellis Dawson, Jr. - donation of photos from 30 years of collecting mics

Decca photos "Decca Tree" design c1956-7 - first stereo 6 channel FFRR valve microphone mixing consul - Neville Jones .Manchester England

Audio Devices and Tapesonic scans and information - donated by Kenneth deGruchy

Dennis Schrank Calrad VM12 photos R2R

Denon GB-707A-GRIFFIN photos donated by Ethan Brizendine of Ham and HiFi located in Sparks, Nevada

Larry DeVivo provided Presto ads, information and photos as he's in the process of recreating a 1960’s 3 track studio

Dokorder photos, TechNextDoor R2R

Martin Dombey - 3M Mincom information and brochures

Doug Pomeroy - information on Kornél Tolnai and photos of his Tolnai 16 track mono logging recorder R2R

Edison Envoy recorder - John Chadwick -  R2R

EDITall - Joel Tall - personal papers and photos donated by Joel Tall's daughter Benita Kaplan R2R

EMI BTR 4 and EMI RE 301/E.reel tape recorder photos - Danny White

Evolution of the Audio Recorder by Phil Van Praag - information R2R

Ferrograph 4A photos & specs  R2R - Michael Clemens

Floyd Domino - video Interview - MOMSR

Fostex B-16 reel to reel tape recorder photos provided by Donald Lisdon

Fox News Austin - Chip Walton - News coverage 2005 - R2R

Ernie Gammage - information and referrals - MOMSR

Vladimir Fedotenko - Sony EL-8D ElCaset recorder photos

Tamie Glass, UT Architecture - interior design resources and donation - MOMSR

Peter Halferty - Centennial of Sound USPO stamps - Elvis Presley covers - Music industry memorabilia MOMSR R2R

Ed Helvey- Audio Producer & Audio Systems Designer and Integrator - Mitsubishi X-80 ProLogic, razor blade editable, 1/4" stereo, PCM digital reel to reel recorder

Penny Hendricks - Early Teac TD-7520, TD-105, R-110 R2R

Here, There and Everywhere book personally signed by by Geoff Emerick (Beatles Engineer) and Howard Massey  information NARAS presentation Austin City Limits R2R

Heritage Auctions/ Mach Schau Photos & Story - The Beatles Portable Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Used At The Star-Club, Hamburg With a Tape Recording of The Beatles

James Hinkle - information and referrals - R2R

History of Magnetic Recording by Steven Schoenherr, University of San Diego  R2R

Jim Humphries - monitary donation for repair and maintenance of our collection

Hungarian Tape Recorder Museum - links and information - Gold Tibor - MOMSR R2R

If These Halls Could Talk - A Historical Tour Through San Francisco Recording Studios, Heather Johnson  R2R

Impact Music Library R2R

iStockphoto R2R

Johnny Goudie - How Did I Get Here Podcast MOMSR R2R

Jon Neiss - Texas Music Magazine, Big Bend Records, Austin Signal - Texas Music Magazine ad MOMSR

Sam Kruse - Elcaset tape

KXAN - Jim Swift - 2013 news story MOMSR

KXAN - Erin Cargile - 2014 follow-up to Jim Swift's coverage MOMSR

Nick Landis - interview at Terra Nova Mastering Studios

Michael Leader - BBC - Pro audio - stories and history

Magdalen Livesey - crating and shipping donation

Lynne Margolis, writer - Austin Monthly Magazine article MOMSR

Lyrec tape recorder images -

Magnecord, Dave Boyers and his Dad, J.S. Boyers, one of the founders of Magnecord  - Magnecord prototype - MOMSR

Magnecord - Hal Layer  information & early Magnecord film 1947 R2R

Magnecord / HeathKit 1020 reel tape recorder donated by Larry Grover

Magnetic Recording (1949), S.J. Begun  information R2R

Magnetic Recording: The First 100 Years, Eric D. Daniel, C. Denis Mee & Mark H. Clark R2R

The Magnetophon, Dr. Detlef Bunk, Germany  information  R2R

David Mansfield - Philips 8990 237 79669 tapes for 1960/70s Philips recorder still in original cases and unused

Mary and Michael F. Murray - monetary donation MOMSR

Eugene Leon Mleczko - ELM Laboratories - history interview of the ELM-1 professional reel tape recorder

Mellotron - information, photos and video provided by Doug Berg

Miles Reproducer Co., Inc. Walkie-RecordALL photos were provided to our Museum by Tim Lind

Ted Miller - donation of Roberts tape recorder and Superscope C-202 LP cassette recorder and misc R2R tapes

Mix Magazine   information R2R

MOMSR Board member - Lloyd Cates -  MOMSR

MOMSR Board member - Michael F. Murray - MOMSR

MOMSR Board member - Christine Theophilus - MOMSR

MOMSR Board member - Martin Theophilus - MOMSR

MOMSR Board member - Bennie Wallace - MOMSR

MOMSR Board member - Thomas P. Washburn - MOMSR

David Moore - Concertone photos R2R

Steven Moore, UT Architecture professor- consultation and referral - MOMSR

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, David Baskerville, Ph.D.  information R2R

Music Bakery licensed music donated by Phantom Productions, Inc. R2R

Musi-Pak photos donated by Bob Gathany

James Nance - Magnevox TR-101 101314

Nagra Kudelski Synchronisateur SLP No 63 187c donated by Bill Erpelding

National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences information & referrals R2R

National Recording Preservation Foundation Executive Director Gerald Seligman - cooperation - MOMSR

Neve - Rupert Neve - Neve history and stories MOMSR

William Newton - Ampex 600 restoration

Don Nattinger - donation of Crown and Sony reel tape recorders R2R

Sandra Olson Bell & Howell tape recorder MOMSR

Open-reel Tape Recorder Museum Foundation - Hungary MOMSR

Otari and Teac tape recorders, reel to reel tapes and an antique speaker donated by the Hugh Sparks Estate

Otari, Japan - T. Hora -  "Otari History Resources"  "We are proud as last producer of professional tape recorder. And we still can manufacture MX-5050 according to the inquiries."  R2R

Rheem/Roberts/Califone 3100 tape recorder photos - Bill Freund

Rusty Paul - Les Paul's son - information MOMSR

Paul A. Rich - Valdemar Poulsen photos

Pectoral Guide To Tape Recorder Repairs, Forest Belt   R2R

Pentron Dormiphone photos donated by Joseph Lo Monaco R2R

Sharon and Anthony Perez - review and content comments - strategic planning - MOMSR

Alan Perez - Museum logo - MOMSR

Perfecting Sound Forever, An Aural History of Recorded Music, Greg Milner R2R

David Perkoff - referrals and information R2R & MOMSR

Phantom Productions, Inc.'s vintage archive and monetary donationR2R

Phillip Van Praag - The Evolution of the Audio Tape Recorder & Museum interview MOMSR

Malcolm Polard, Australia- Beyer microphone photos  R2R

Valdamar Poulsen  Morse Key photos donated by Paul Rich  R2R

Mark Powell -1st recording contribution- MOMSR

Presto photos and information - Alan Graves  R2R

Presto D7 photos - donated by John abuck280  R2R

Preservation Sound - Chris,   R2R

Production Block/The Block House - Joel Block - interview, information and donation MOMSR

RCA RT-21D Professional reel tape recorder photo donations - Wally de Jongh

Jim Rankin - Vintage radio information - MOMSR

Recordio information by Timothy Kastner  R2R

Recording Studio Handbook,  John M. Woram  R2R's library of vintage catalogs and magazine ads  R2R

Reelsound Recording - Malcolm Harper - Video interview  - information and referrals - MOMSR

Revere M 2 (MII) cartridge recorder YouTube video shared by retired TV broadcast engineer. Richard Sigurdson

Rheem Tape Recorders, Nathan Luoto   R2R

Richard Diehl - monetary donation   MOMSR

Roberts Model 144 photos - Jim McEwan  R2R

Roberts 997 photos - Larry Joubert  R2R

Roberts Model 997 /iPod Conversion, W. B. Morton  R2R

Roberts Recorders/Califone/Rheem, Richard Metzner and his Dad, Robert Metzner, who founded Roberts Recorders/Califone MOMSR

Rola Recorders Australia - photos and information - Peter O'Neil

Roy Hill - Wire recording   R2R

Russian Ukraine reel tape recorder - donated by Sergei Zamascikov - The unit was given to Sergei by Naum Rabinovich (who passed away in2012). The recorder was brought to the US when he immigrated in 1978. MOMSR

The Signature Music Library   R2R

Schaub Lorenze Stereo 600 4" tape recorder radio photos - Richard Greg II  R2R

Scully Tape Recorders - Remy Ann David, Crow Mobile Recording - extensive documentation MOMSR

Scully 601 photos - Jamaica Music & Film LTD. Ewen Shadeed

Bob Shuster,  R2R

Sony - Made In Japan, Akio Morita with Edwin M. Reingold & Mitsuko Shimomurn R2R

Sony reel to reel tape recorder donated by Brent Dahl

Sony Superscope, Fred Tushinsky   R2R

Sony Superscope stories and history - Paul Trethewey

Sound Recording - The Life Story of a Technology, David L. Morton, Jr.   R2R

Spectone - Michael Rogge, Collecting Cinematographica, UK  R2R

Stellavox Tape Recorders - Kostas Metaxas - video of Georges Quellet, Stellevox - MOMSR

Stephens Electronics - Rod Stephens Studer ReVox Harman  R2R

Paul Stubblebine - The Tape Project - engineering history interview

Studer A820 photos  - Joseph "Joe" Bader  R2R

Studer J37 professional reel to reel tape recorder photos provided by Roumen

Studer Revox T-27 ads - Peter Holenstein R2R

Studio Stories by David Simons  R2R

Sugar Hill Studios, Houston - Dan Workman - released story about museum in studio newsletter MOMSR

Superscope (Sony/Superscope) stories and history - Paul Trethewey

Doug Swartout - UK WW II Cine Sound Recording referral to The Telegraph UK

Tandberg Model 5 reel to reel tape recorder donated by Brent Dahl

Tandberg reel tape recorder - Dr. Bruce A. Sommer - used to record Aboriginal language material in the far north east of Australia   MOMSR

Tandberg Model 64 donated by Curt Thompson

Tandberg TCD 3004 Cassette Deck photos donated by Max Willauer

Tape-Athon 702-7  7 inch reel tape player - Photos provided by Brett at the Larson Becker Co., Bavaria, IL

TapeOp the Creative Recording Magazine  R2R

Tape Recorder Guide, Robert & Mary Marshall   R2R

Tapesonic - Premier Electronics - Kenneth de Gruchy - ads and information

Tapesonic - Premier Electronics - Dmitriy Shvetsov & Harry Kolbe  R2R

Tascam Jim Swift - radio and television personality - donation of Tascam professional reel to reel tape recorder

Tascam 35-2 photos donated to MOMSR by Amanda Leigh

Tascam 388 Manual donated by Francisco Cariaga

Teac Corporation, Marketing Headquarters - Mike Morimoto - Teac history and photos

Teac 400 photos - John J. Via

Teac  and Otari reel to reel tapes and an antique speaker donated by the Hugh Sparks Estate

Teac Early Years - Liam Kingsmill   R2R

Teac R-310 professional recorder used by UKs Pirate radio - research for Ian Anderson - photos by David Kindred

Teac Series 50 T-3413 A photos contributed by Dirk van Tamelen

Telefunken photos - Wojcek Czern/Rogalow Analogowy Studio - Poland

Telegraphone - Gaylord Ewing donated photos of his Telegraphone shown in Wire Recorders

Texarchivist - Susan Floyd - Nov 2013 article on MOMSR

Texas Film Commission - Heather Page, Director - information and consultation - MOMSR

Texas Music Museum - Dr. Clayton Shorkey, Director - TMM Board discussions & information - MOMSR

Texas Music Office, the State of Texas Governor's Office - Casey Monahan - MOMSR & R2R

Christine and Martin Theophilus - monetary donations and MOMSR Board member MOMSR

Time Warner & David Murphy - donation of Tascam 22-2 reel tape recorder  R2R

Tonschreiber photos, Mr. S. E. Blacklock, Vintage Recorders, United Kingdom   R2R

Tonschreiber photos, Per O Christiansen, Norway  R2R

Bruce Truitt - RCA IYC-11 Cartridge recorder 1958-1964 R2R

Diane and Jerry Tubb - interview at Terra Nova Mastering Studios

US Library of Congress - information - R2R & MOMSR

USPO Centennial of Sound Recording stamps, cover and memorabilia - Peter T. Halferty MOMSR

Vanity Fair Electronics Corp. Magnetic Phonograph Recorder photos donated by Mark A. Williams Or kinksfanforever from Denver

Tom Vernon - video interview - MOMSR

John Viehweg - information and Sony Walkman donation  R2R

Viking 85 with one of the very first transistorized Record/Play amplifiers - designed, built and donated to our Museum by Larry Grover

Viking / Telex information - Chris McColm - The Viking 433 stood for 4 track 3 motors and 3 heads

Vintage Vacuum Audio - Misc reel tape recorder ads - Yves Beauvais   R2R

Wright & Weaire Ltd. (London, England) > Ferrograph - George Boston

Webcor - Bill Carpenter, Webcor - 1959 - 1965, Ampex 1965 - 1996  R2R

Webcor recorder Donated by Eric J. Redemann   R2R

Webster Chicago wire recorder donated by Johnny and Lena Pate  R2R

Webster Chicago photos, Mike Scholtz,  R2R

Western Electric microphone photos provided to MOMSR by Steve Fisherman.

Marilyn Weston - Donation of her Dad's (Walter Murdoch) Brush 433 reel to reel tape recorder MOMSR  R2R

Wikipedia - information - R2R & MOMSR

David Winter FT4 Magnetophon machine photos R2R

Wollensak Recorder History and Guide by: Stenkbomm   R2R

Yahoo Reel to Reel Forum - information - R2R & MOMSR

Yahoo Reel to Reel Forum - - information - R2R & MOMSR

Your Tape Recorder, Robert & Mary Marshall   R2R

Larry Zalar - Tascam ATR-60 16 track recorder photos